Nov 21, 2008

Where's George Clooney when you need him?

We ended up taking Griffin to the ER last night. He developed a raspy cough early on Monday morning, but by the end of the day yesterday it was pretty bad and he was wheezing quite a bit. When the doctor listened to him breathe, he said that Griffin was wheezing so bad that he couldn't even hear if he had pneumonia. So, we had to give him a breathing treatment - a difficult feat with a 4-month old. He moved his head around so much that I could barely keep the mask up to his face. The doctor listened to him again and said that there was no pneumonia, but he was having an asthmatic reaction to a respiratory infection. Now we're giving him breathing treatments twice a day for a week plus oral steroids and antibiotics. Good times.

Looks like the little guy wasn't so lucky having asthmatic parents...


Megan said...

Let me guess? Orapred via steringe and Xoponex via nebulizer? Perhaps a little bit of Pulmicort thrown in? What antibiotic do they have him on? Just an FYI, when he develops a red rash in the diaper area it's from the antibiotic and a combo of 50% clortramizole and 50% hydrocortisone along with Caldesene powder takes care of that bad boy.

I'm going to give you unsolicited advice and say that this is what made breathing treatments much easier on us.

1. Do it when he's asleep.
2. Do it after a hot bath or if you're taking a shower have him in the bathroom so the steam loosens everything up and then give him his breathing treatment. Makes it so much more effective and they couch that garbage right up.
3. Have him sleep at a 45 degree angle.

Don't worry, he'll probaby outgrow it. Liam hasn't needed a breathing treatment in a few months after having them daily for almost two years.

Good luck!

Megan said...

Did they do an X-Ray or an RSV swab?

tracyellen said...

No X-ray or RSV swab. Uh I'm panicking. He's on Amoxicillan (sp?) and he's on Albuterol and some version of Prednisone.

He seems really happy. He even smiles during his breathing treatments.

Megan said...

Then you know he's fine. He would not be smiling during a breathing treatment if it wasn't making him feel better. :) Fun stuff isn't it?

Megan said...

Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors, Finn is on my lap.

~*Marie*~ said...

Been there, done that. I just remarked to Matthew's oral surgeon yesterday that it has been nearly 5 years since he has had to use his inhaler, thanks to his twice daily Advair. But I remember the days of driving back and forth to the ER all night with asthma attacks, and then having my little 4 yo admitted to stay overnight in the hospital because he was so sick. I feel for you, maybe he will be lucky and grow out of it like my son is seeming to do. Good luck with that. I hope everything works out for your little one.