Nov 4, 2008


I left the house extra early this morning with Griffin so I could vote. First, the information I pulled from the County web site sent me to the wrong precinct. When I finally got to the correct precinct, it was completely disorganized and there was a long line. I waited it out and finally sat down to vote. I looked at Griffin, who was right next to me, sleeping peacefully. He has no idea how historic this election could be. I took a deep breath and filled in the bubble next to Barack Obama's name (no computerized voting where I live!).

It felt good.

And now we wait...

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Megan said...

We took the kids with us as well. Avery watched Tony and I fill out our ballots and we took pictures outside of the polling place etc. I'm going to be posting them online soon. Obama took WI! It's the first time I've ever voted for a president and it was really cool.