Oct 9, 2008

The Best Intentions

I've been wanting to post something more than the usual complaints about fatigue, migraines, and the stress of being back at work. However, I've been too tired, had too many headaches, and have been too swamped with work to sit down and write...

Some of the topics I've wanted to write about include:

  • Catching the "writing bug" I had so long ago, but put aside when I was getting close to having Griffin (Patrick and I had a long discussion about this a couple of weeks ago and he's urging me to get back to writing)
  • Comparing the differences (both physically and emotionally) between taking Griffin on walks all those weeks ago in the middle of summer and now, with the season changing. {I know this probably sounds stupid/strange, but it really does feel like a different experience now - he's different, I'm different, and it honestly makes me a bit sad}.
  • How I have no idea how /if I will ever live in an uncluttered house ever again - I can barely keep up with washing bottles and sanitizing the counters.

I want to post about these things...I really do. One of these days I'll find some time.


Jason said...

About your last bulleted item, let me just bluntly tell you--no, you will never live in an uncluttered house again.

My mom likes to tell us kids about how she was always neat and clean and orderly, and then we came along, and she tried and tried to stay neat and clean and orderly, until one day she realized she had to let that go. That doesn't mean you let chaos rule, but you have to extend your "Oh my GOD I have to clean!!" breaking point farther than ever before.

And I'm on Patrick's side here--the writing bug is cool and you should let it get you again. When I'm assigned to submit everything I have done to my writing class, I'll send it all to you as motivation.

Megan said...

Ah, a cluttered house... It's nice to have a dream isn't it? All I can say is that I should own stock in rubbermaid bins as my house is filled with various sizes, shapes and colors of them. The container store is my own personal haven.