Nov 11, 2007

What the "Stuff"?

The stuffed cookies didn't quite turn out the way I expected. They still taste quite good, but the dough was really sticky and the cookies spread out on the cookie sheet and formed one giant cookie. I was disappointed because I've always been quite the baker (ask anyone who has had my cheesecakes). I wonder what went wrong - I double checked the recipe and I did everything according to the directions.

Seriously, this might be the first time something like this has happened (aside form that time in high school when I made cookies that included molasses and they turned into these hard Frisbee-like disks).


Marie said...

We all have had kitchen disasters, mine always occur when I am entertaining, so keep your fingers crossed for me because I am doing Thanksgiving this year!

Jason said...

I don't know, one giant cookie sounds fairly scrumptious to did it end up tasting?