Nov 1, 2007


My parents are coming for a visit this weekend. They planned on coming up last weekend, but my mom was kind of in a funk and she said she just didn't have the energy. I can completely understand that feeling. So, they're leaving tomorrow morning and should be here in time for lunch. I'm going to sneak out of work a bit early so we can spend even more time together.

They're actually staying at our house! They haven't done that since Patrick had to go to Las Vegas for work (and seriously, who really HAS to go to Vegas for work?). With Patrick and Duncan in North Carolina this weekend, I'm really looking forward to my mom and dad visiting. We don't have any specific plans, but I think we'll end up at Lagomarcino's for a caramel apple and probably some chocolates for my dad.

I miss my parents all the time, but it's never more obvious when they back out of my driveway and head home, but I won't worry about that until Sunday.

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Marie said...

That is wonderful, have a great, relaxing time with your parents for the weekend!!!