Nov 14, 2007

Another Mosaic

I've been having so much fun finding these pictures - each one is something that I enjoy or something that brings back a memory or evokes an emotion. Dinkel's Bakery is where my father used to take me for the BEST chocolate doughnuts. Little Italy in Chicago is where my grandma grew up. St. Josaphat's Church takes me back to Easter Sundays at my great-grandma's house in Lincoln Park. The chandelier makes me think of how my sister and I would climb on the dining room table to take off the "diamonds" from our parents' chandelier, holding them up to our ears like giant, dangling earrings...

1. bicycle, 2. dream bedroom, 3. palm tree, 4. yield, 5. tomatoes, 6. open road, 7. dinkels bakery, 8. surf, 9. niu winter, 10. coke, 11. st josaphat, 12. mixer, 13. chandelier, 14. sock monkey, 15. little italy, 16. candles

1 comment:

Marie said...

Seems like these mosaics are "it" lately. I have been making a bunch of them too. Great pictures, I am sure the memories are far more precious than the pictures themselves!