Oct 11, 2007


I had a completely bizarre dream last night. I had just found out I was pregnant, but never really experienced the pregnancy because the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital having a C-section. I remember being in the hospital afterward and realizing that I never got to see the baby. Patrick took me to see her (yes, it was a girl), but when we got to the crib, I looked in and was shocked. I said, "That's not a baby!". Instead I saw a girl that was closer to 3-years old. Not only that, but half of her face and her entire back was covered in black hair (the "werewolf syndrome"). Patrick then turns to me and smiles, telling me that it was just a joke and that she wasn't our baby. We move on to another crib, but this time when I looked in all I saw was a huge head attached to a tiny baby's body. Patrick laughed again and said he was still kidding. Finally, he lifts up his arms and holds up a perfect baby girl wrapped in a blanket. This was our baby. It was then that I realized that we never gave her a name because I never actually went through the pregnancy, and subsequently never bought any baby name books. Suddenly we were surrounded by books, frantically searching for a name, but I kept calling her Charlotte (even though Patrick doesn't like that name).

Then I woke up.

So weird. I definitely want to investigate this one a bit more...

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Jason said...

I hope you told Patrick about this dream and explained that if he tried to pull that joking stuff in real life, you'd severely wound him. Because you would. I can't imagine any man pulling these types of shenanigans and getting away with it!

I am glad that the dream ended with you having a perfect little baby.