Oct 1, 2007

More Secrets

This really jumped out at me today. Not sure why. OK, I do know why...

I need more courage to do the things I've always dreamed of doing.


Marie said...

It speaks volumes. I have felt lately that I was meant to do more with my life too...but the everyday responsibilities of motherhood have slowed me down. Thanks for your comment on the Sox, I am a renewed baseball fan since my family are big Sox fans and my new SIL is a Yankees fan..and she is mean to my father about it. Can't let that happen to a sweet gentle man in the golden years...so it is mostly for him that I blog about the Sox! Or anyone playing the Yankees!

Jason said...

First of all, go Indians!

I have been feeling the same thing. This morning, I was reading through all of the requirements of the "Certificate in Creative Writing" program at the U of C, and thought to myself, "My God, that's a lot of work!"

Which means I should do it, because all I ever do is decide something is a lot of work and then move on to nothing.