Sep 4, 2007

A Little Less Yuck

I'm feeling a bit better than earlier this afternoon. I eventually took a painkiller, which helped a lot - at least it got me through a couple of hours at work. The grant was finished, I hand-delivered it, and went home. I took one more pill and then promptly fell asleep.

Patrick and Duncan are picking up dinner - I just don't think I could have cooked anything. I feel bad about that, but what can I do?

I still plan on posting those weekend pictures, but will wait until I'm a bit more coherent. I will post a picture I found this morning on my computer at work. I'm in the process of cleaning out my files and I found this - one of my favorite candid shots from our wedding. My friend, Jenni, took this and despite it being blurry, it kind of sums up everything:

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