Sep 19, 2007

Halloween Costumes

I know it's only the middle of September, but Halloween isn't too far off and I could really use some help. Each year, Patrick, Duncan, and I dress up for Halloween. We always dress up as a theme, and we rotate who gets to choose the costume ideas. The only rule is that we can't go to the store and buy a whole costume - we must "make" our costumes with old clothes either from our own closets or from Goodwill. We've handsewn, painted, and even dyed old clothing. We are allowed to buy silly accessories like wigs and jewelry or "props". So, here's a list of our costume choices since 2003:

2003 - Batman (Patrick), Robin (Duncan), and Catwoman (Tracy) - Duncan's choice
2004 - Gilligan's Island (Patrick - The Skipper; Duncan - Gilligan; Tracy - Ginger) - Patrick's choice
2005 - Grease (Patrick/Duncan - T-Birds; Tracy - Pink Lady) - Tracy's choice
2006 - Elvis (Patrick - 1950's; Duncan - Jailhouse Rock; Tracy - Jumpsuit Elvis) - Duncan's Choice

Here we are, not far from our next Halloween and it's Patrick's turn to choose...however, he hasn't come up with ANYTHING. And the neurotic person that I am, I'm starting to panic. We need to get going!

So, anyone have ideas for a group theme we can dress up as - I want to dress up as part of the Scooby Doo gang, but I might save that for my turn in October 2008...

Any ideas???


Marie said...

Wow, don't really have any suggestions...maybe some cartoon characters, or a hot TV show like CSI or something....sorry I am not much help!

I am tagging you again! See my blog for the rules!

Jason said...

How about presidential candidates? You could be you know who, Patrick could be John Edwards, and Duncan could be, I don't know, John McCain?