Jul 31, 2007

Fear of Flying

I don't like the sensations of flying in an airplane. I don't like the claustrophobia. I don't like sitting so close to strangers. I also don't like driving 1,000 miles when I can hop on a plane and get there in less than 4 hours.

We leave Monday morning from O'Hare and will land in Norfolk, VA around noon. From there we get in our rental car and drive the 90 miles to the Outer Banks. I will be flying high on Valium and thrilled to be safely on the ground.

Duncan has never seen the ocean before and I am so excited that we will be with him when he first lays eyes on it. I am looking forward to a week away from work, as well as finally taking the time to enjoy summer. I feel it slipping by each and every time I walk out of work - tired and cranky and wanting nothing more than to go home and nap. Next week we will enjoy the weather and the beach. Our hotel is literally right on the sand. We can open our patio door and walk to the ocean. This is what I am trying to focus on instead of my fear.

And speaking of fear, isn't it odd that I have a fear of flying and we will be in the same town that the Wright Brothers took their first flight? Maybe it's a good sign...

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Marie said...

Have an awesome trip, and since I live on the shoreline I can honestly say, no better time to go than now. The water is finally warm enough to swim in and the atmosphere is superb!!! Have a fun time. We are actually getting ready to take our vacation this month as well!