Jun 3, 2007


I've been having migraines just about every day for the past week. Not sure why. I woke up this morning with a horrific migraine - it actually woke me up. The hard part about the really bad ones is that you know you need medication, but the thought of even moving makes it worse. So I stayed in bed for 30 minutes contemplating my next move. I eventually got up and took a painkiller. Nothing. I waited until 9:30 AM and took another one, but this time I ate some breakfast. A little better, but not much. We had a family reunion/picnic planned for 12 PM, and as I sat in the car in the grocery store parking lot while my husband bought some ice, I caught a glimpse of myself in the side mirror. I looked awful - pale, tired, and I had such a look of disgust on my face (sort of like when you smell something bad). When he got back to the car I was about to tell him to take me home, but I decided to go. Eating helped a bit, but I ended up taking a third painkiller a couple of hours later.

We got home and I crashed on the couch. I awoke and still had pain - another painkiller. I tried to get up and get some water, but apparently my brain was not working in conjunction with my feet and legs. A couple of crashes into the door and I just flopped back down on the couch.

I'm trying to put a funny spin on this, but it actually is quite depressing to me. I have become a prisoner in my own body - unable to escape not only the pain of migraines, but the ability to know when the next one will strike.

I am tired of this. I want my life back.

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