Jun 13, 2007

Full Circle

I've been a bad blogger recently. I've been sidelined with a series of severe migraines and haven't done much aside from take medication, sleep, and try to get my butt to work.

I've had a bunch of posts swirling around in my head for a while now and finally decided to actually write one of them. I feel somewhat out-of-shape when it comes to writing, but I'll do my best:

In 1997 my grandmother bought me a small table and four chairs for my apartment in DeKalb. She got them at Kohl's with her senior citizen discount (and was very proud of this). It was a wonderful gift that I used every day and took with me from DeKalb, back to Hoffman Estates, and eventually on to an apartment in Davenport, and then our house in Davenport, and finally in Bettendorf (where it now sits in our garage). We are slowly going through the stuff since we sold the house and determining what is junk and what can be donated to Goodwill. I initially thought the table and chairs would be nice in our basement which we pretty much use for entertainment (video games, board games, etc.), but sometimes we sleep down there during those really hot nights. It's incredibly dark and cool down there - so much in fact that we now call our basement "The Bat Cave".

We haven't gotten far back enough in our garage to reach the table, so it hasn't exactly made it downstairs yet. This is a good thing because my grandfather has taken the plunge and will be moving into an assisted living center near my parents. He will be taking with him his bed, recliner, dresser, and nightstand (and his stacks of books). His kitchenette is large enough to hold a small table and chairs. When my mom told me this, I immediately thought of the set purchased by my grandma. It would be perfect for my grandpa. The more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed to be. That table has travelled with me throughout Illinois (and a bit of Iowa), and now will be used by my grandpa. This is the man who no matter what, offers to help us out any chance he gets. It is nice to be able to do something for him for a change.

So it seems as though this table and chair set has, in a way, come full circle. I wonder where it will end up next?

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Marie said...

Lovely story, and I am sure your gramps will be thankful and appreciative of your thoughtfulness!!!