Mar 10, 2007

Morning Thoughts

I can feel myself slowing coming out from the funk I've been in - I'm not completely out of it, but it's definitely getting better. I woke up very early this morning. It wasn't by choice, but I was really warm in bed and I could feel the start of another migraine. I had to take some medicine right away - had I stayed in bed, the headache only would have gotten worse. I can't lose another day of my life to these migraines. Once I got out of bed, that was it. I was wide awake. But it wasn't a bad thing - I felt like I had the whole house to myself. I went for a walk at 7 AM, but didn't get much exercise from it. The sidewalks are still covered in ice and I found myself more focused on trying not to fall on my ass than on exercise. I think I'll try again later - the weather is supposed to be gorgeous today.

With my migraine under control, I decided to come home and clean. I admit it, I'm a cleaner - a purger (is that even a word?), an organizer, a believer in "everything has it's place." Some supreme power out there thought it would be funny for me to meet and marry someone who is the opposite. My husband does clean (he's strangely obsessed with vacuuming and laundry), but he is a saver and a hoarder of useless crap. I believe in saving things for sentimental reasons - I'm not made of stone - but there comes a time when you have to purge.

I think I was trying to make a point here somewhere. I guess it was that sometimes there is no better feeling than getting rid of the junk in your life - material things, emotions, etc.

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