Mar 27, 2007

Making Progress

This story makes me very happy for a number of reasons:

1) Women are making progress in the world of professional male sports. It boggles my mind why this has to be such a big story - when will it be the norm to see women working as umpires/referees in sports? I'm talking professional sports - MLB, NBA, NFL, etc. Even though she will be working an exhibition game, I'm still damn proud to be a woman.

2) I'm impressed with the comments made by both Derrek Lee (one of my favorites) and Scott Eyre. I know that they would have been huge jerks had they made any disparaging remarks, but that hasn't stopped some athletes. I believed what they said about the situation and I hope the others feel the same.

3) Finally, I'm so excited that she will be working the Cubs/Diamondbacks game! Go Cubbies...

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