Feb 9, 2007

My Favorite Books When I Was Young(er)

As kids, my sister and I lived a pretty good life with my parents. While we never got every toy we wanted, and in fact were taught that we would have to take money out of our savings accounts if we wanted something special, we were pretty lucky. The one thing we were never denied was books. Now, they weren't always brand new books - lots and lots from garage sales, and we took weekly trips to our local library - but we loved reading. I can remember going to the library with my parents and my sister and sitting for what felt like hours in those bean bag chairs trying to decide which ones I wanted to check out. We'd fill bags and bags with books and I'd walk out of the library just filled with anticipation - which one should I read first???

I can still remember my favorites:

1) The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord

2) The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

3) Who's Got the Apple? by Jan Loof

I have book #1 in my possession, but have lost #2 and #3 along the way. They bring back such good memories of my childhood...

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