Dec 12, 2006

And Then There Were None...

On Saturday, my husband and I went to Chicago for the One of A Kind Show and Sale at the Merchandise Mart. My sister was involved in the show and we went for support and to see if there were any cool gifts we could buy for the holidays (and all of the December b-days in my family).

To make a long story short, the show was great, my sister was successful, and we had a good time walking up and down Michigan Avenue.

Something interesting/funny happened while we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel - aside from the couple in their mid-forties who attended a holiday party at the hotel and passed out in front of their room covered in vomit. No, it was funnier than that. On Sunday morning, we had breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and asked for the valet to get our car. As we pull away from the hotel, my husband asked, "What happened to your pretzels?" Let me backtrack for a minute - about half way through our 3 hour drive, we stopped to get some snacks. I got a $1 bag of pretzels. They were quite good, but I only had a few and I think my husband had a couple. Anyway, back to those damn valets - they ate my freakin' pretzels!!!

Not only did they eat them, but they actually left the evidence in my car. The least they could have done was throw the bag away. I'm not really mad about it. I don't care about the $1 I spent on the stupid things, but come on guys. Buy your own freakin' pretzels!!!

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