Mar 11, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

It has been a gorgeous day today. I believe it actually hit 73 degrees the last time I checked. We had the windows open all day - it smells and sounds like summer. There's just something in the air that smells sweet. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I love it. There seems to be a lot more traffic, but maybe that's just because I have the window open. The birds are out in full force. I'm sure they'll be in for a big surprise when it drops back down into the 30's at the beginning of the week. I guess this is to be expected in mid-March in the Midwest. I remember one Sunday during my freshman year in college. It was February 28th and the temperature reached 78 degrees! I had an English paper that was due the next day and it was so difficult to stay in my room and finish it while I heard everyone outside laughing and playing Frisbee (why was that so popular in college?). As soon as I was done, I headed outside with the rest of my friends. I remember thinking that I had better soak it all in because I just knew we'd be getting more snow soon.

I'm waiting for baseball to start. Believe me, I love football, and I love my Bears, but I just HATE the time between the Super Bowl and the baseball season. Boring. I was able to catch one pre-season Cubs games on TV the other day. God, I can't wait...

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