Feb 17, 2006

Memory Is a Funny Thing

My father tells me I have a memory like a steel trap. This used to make me laugh, but now I actually think it might be true. I can remember just about everything - mostly odd things like the names of obscure songs, television shows, actors, etc.

I once read (or was told by someone) that the sense of smell is the most closely related to memory. I find this to be so true:

- The smell of Salon Selectives hairspray immediately transports me back to my junior year of high school.

- The smell of vanilla reminds me of when I was little and my mom would spend one entire day baking Christmas cookies.

- The smell of lilies takes me back to my grandma's funeral - the sickeningly sweet smell turns my stomach to this day.

- The smell of fresh orange juice makes me think of the warm mornings Patrick and I sat eating breakfast overlooking the Caribbean in Mexico.

1 comment:

Paw said...

You not only have an impressive memory but you can evoke emotions, especially when you mention my mother's funeral. I have the same reaction to some flowers: I don't like smelling them because I associate them with funerals. In my case the first such association was in 1953 when my graandfather, Peter died at 64, shortly before he was going to retire as a crane operator at US Steel. I was 9 1/2 and still retain images from that first death in the family.

Love, Paw