Jan 26, 2006

I Finally Learned How to Hem My Own Pants

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been able to sew. She could hem, fix a hole in a pair of pants, and even make clothes for my sister and me - yes, I have pics to prove it. When I think about her when I was a little girl, she always had a needle and thread with her. She was just amazing. So, you think coming from this gene pool, I too would be skilled at sewing. Think again. Hundreds of times I would bring home a too long pair of pants and ask my mom to teach me how to hem them. Deep down inside, though, I prayed she would not want to bother teaching me (have I mentioned I'm stubborn and hard-headed?), and just go ahead and do it herself. I'm not quite sure if she didn't have the patience to teach me, but she always ended up hemming them herself.

Last weekend was a breakthrough! I visited for my birthday, and brought home a great pair of Kenneth Cole pants that I have had for over a year, but have never hemmed. Right before I left to come back home, she gave me a quick lesson, and might I add a very good one. Last night, I sat down, turned on the Australian Open, and hemmed my pants all by myself. I've yet to talk to my mom this morning, but I'm sure going to tell her the good news.

It's funny how such a small accomplishment can make me feel so proud of myself.

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Paw said...

Time for a confession that I think you already know:

I don't know how to iron clothes, do wash, or sew a button.
This is not good for the grandson of a tailor and a product of the 50s. I must have spent too much time cheering the '59 Sox and watching the Cubs on Channel 9.

Love, Paw